ContentFlow is a flexible CoverflowTM / ImageFlow like flow written in javascript, which can handle any kind of content. It supports all new and old major and not so major browsers. It’s distributed under the MIT License.

With ContentFlow it is now possible to have any number of flows within one web-page. Each separately configurable, satisfying different visual needs.

  • It’s easy to implement and to extend.

  • It can auto generate reflections (clientside)!

  • You can add and remove content items on the fly

  • You are free to define your own methods for displaying content and interacting with it.

  • You can control all aspects of the flow without loosing the ease of use.

ContentFlow can handle different kinds of control, like keyboard and mouse, and can be used with and without a reflection. For a complete list of features and compatibilities take a look at the feature list.

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