My name is Sebastian Kutsch and I work as as software developer and system administrator.

Being interested in all kinds of software, I developed front ends and back ends alike. The software development I have done ranges from web front ends over different web back ends and distributed back end services (SOA) to software for computational chemistry (MD). I have also done some open source software projects.

In the capacity as a system administrator I have setup specialised servers, integrated Linux into Microsoft Domains, developed specialised automated software deployments, managed DB clusters, web servers and have done complete server infrastructure reworks. Being a sucker for automation (DRY) I like to script tasks and use automation tools like ansible.

As I have worked on a number of different projects I have been using a wide range of programming languages like Python, JavaScript (browser and node.js), PHP, Shell, Fortran, Ruby, C/C++ etc. Personally I prefer Python for it’s ease of use, readability, flexibility, extensibility, documentation and vast collection of packages. But of cause in system administration you will always come back to the old and trusted Shell (it gets the job done with just a few lines of code). Most importantly I like to choose the right tool for the job independently from personal preferences.

Some of my qualities are:

  • knowledge of the whole stack from software development to administration

  • able (and liking it) to work independently and in a team

  • analytical and creative thinking

  • being precise (I love documentations and specifications)

  • and last but not least: getting the job done

You can download my CV in english or german.

If you are interested in hiring me (as an employee or independent contractor) please contact me.